Global Conversations: Frontlines during Covid-19

Join us on Zoom!

How does Covid-19 effect the situation of refugees and migrants across different parts of the globe and what can we expect for the post-Covid phase? We will engage in global conversations with people at the frontlines in Europe, the Middle East and North America. After short 1-to-1 conversations, we will open the floor to the audience to ask their questions.  

Past Sessions:

1 May “Migrant Workers in the Gulf Region” with Mr. Froilan Malit

15 May “Refugees and Migrants at the US-Mexico Border” with Mr. Isaac Bencomo

29 May “Refugees and migrants in the UK “ with Inese Brencane, GYROS, Dee Robinson and Béatrice Humarau, The Bridge Plus+, and part of the Norwich Integration Partnership, Latin American Women’s Rights Service and Fiona Costello, University of Cambridge

12 June “Technology, remote work and sustainable livelihoods for refugees post-COVID” with Lorraine Charles and leaders of frontline organisations Chams, Na’amal, Re:Coded,, Natakallam as well as the refugees working with them

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